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Games Revisited: Half-Life

As I went through a period of time without wireless, I had to rely on my older, single-player games. Aside from those on my X-box, I have large Blizzard and LucasArts collections. Going through, and wanting something to kill, I went back to a classic: Half-Life.

Of course, I may have played this because I am anticipating Orange Box (I don’t have it yet, I only make an Interns salary which is split amongst my many addictions) this Holiday season, or because it doesn’t take up that much space being that it is from 98. In either case, I hopped back in as the hero of heroes, Gordon Freeman.

You begin to ponder things that all people who have played the game have pondered before: How the hell is a Harvard Graduate with a doctorate in some super physics, a radiation suit, and a crowbar able to fight an army of aliens, marines, and black ops units? I mean, if that ability is what you get with a Harvard diploma, damn, no wonder it is a top school.

As I ventured through the game, running onto the surface and into Delta Complex, I began to think back on those scientists from the first area, who asked me to go out and get help. Man, no one is coming for those guys. For the top brains in the world, they should have just gone into an alien/radiation/electrified water free area, found a nice couch to lay on, and wait for your inevitable death in peace.

Game-wise, you learn a few things as well. For example, you really don’t need any other small arms fire weapon other than the magnum. The thing kills blink dogs, bullsquids, vortigaunts, and marines in one shot. Why waste whole clips from the assault rifle or pistol when this baby does it all in one shot. Also, the only reason for the assault rifle is the grenade launcher attachment. What you can’t kill with one shot from the magnum, you can with the grenade launcher.

A feature of Half-Life found in most games that I always enjoy is if two groups of enemies are attacking each other, and you peak your head up, one faction will aim for you. I enjoyed this as I would peak out, duck back, watch as bullets flied above me, and then heard marines screams because they forgot about the aliens beating the shit out of them. As for fighting Black Ops, just lay down a trip mine, and run away. I loved hearing their constant running, then an explosion, and finally nothing. Take that, bitches! All of this just teaches you the ways of conserving ammunition and the best ways to get rid of those pesky living beings without getting hurt too much.

Half-Life is a great game, and the series is undoubtedly one of the best FPS games of all time. Unfortunately, there is a large grouping of Counter Strike losers who will argue that Counter Strike is the best FPS of all time. Unfortunately these are the same people who have been playing the same game for 10 years, and usually not bathing since the games release.

So aside from its obnoxious and pathetic diehard fans, Half-Life is again, a great game. Just enjoy it, and its amazing sequels in peace, and stay far, far away from tournaments and stenches. And don’t feel bad if you play and enjoy Halo. A large and diverse majority does.


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