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Halo 3 Mod: Terminator

My friends and I have always been fans of outside the box Halo play.  Sure, Slayer and CTF are fun, but we played the hell out of them in Halo 1, and usually the final score was always the same.  Then we tried changing things up by making Rocket Slayer, or Shotgun Slayer, but again, those grew old.

Finally Halo 2 came out.  We could alter settings, and there was even a more fleshed out Juggernaut setting.  Finally something to play around with.  And we did.  We created Predator, a Mod where the Juggernaut is cloaked, fast, has tracking, damage reduction, and a sword.  Everyone else starts with pistols.  Unfortunately most of us hated Halo 2, so we stopped playing after a while (this reminds me, review for Predator, and review Gears of War).

With Halo 3, we all went through the regular CTF and Slayer matches, but then we saw something even better.  Infection.  It was sorta like that mode in Perfect Dark Zero, only with more options.   We tried out a bunch, zombies, predator, vampires, etc.  But one that I enjoyed was Terminator.

There are two ways you can do Terminator: Juggernaut or Infection-Alpha Zombie.  In either case the Juggernaut/Alpha Zombie starts with maxed out damage reduction and radar, and as a weapon, we can only use the Spartan Laser.  His penalty: he moves “slow as molasses” as we like to say or in game terms, he’s not catching up to anyone.  Everyone else starts with Assault Rifles.  As for Infection, those that get lasered turn into lesser Terminators: a bit faster, but they only get to use the “pea shooter,” Plasma Pistol.

We typically play this setting on the Pit or Sand Trap.  The pit for the feeling of fighting the terminator in a city, the Pit for when there are tons of players, and its enjoyable to laser a vehicle loaded with people coming at you.  In either case, it makes for good practice with the laser, and give you opportunities to scream “Don’t Laze Me Bro!”


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