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Halo 3 Mod: Predator

Previously I went over the mod of Terminator and made numerous references to Predator. Well, in today’s installment, I go over just what was Predator.

Halo 2 gave us ways to customize maps far stronger than in Halo. It also gave us the sword, a weapon that would lock onto enemies and allow you to lunge towards them. It was even possible to combo the sword lunges to in a way fly across the screen. Then there was the rocket/sword weapon cheat where one could zoom in with the rocket, and with it locked on, switch to the sword and you actually would fly across the screen to your target.

Anyways, that is just a bit on the background that led to Predator. Predator in Halo 2 was a version of Juggernaut, very similar to Ninja-naut. The Juggernaut/Predator is cloaked, moves faster, has shields, and radar and is the only person able to use the sword. Initially everyone starts with two weapons because you could not change individual weapon settings in Halo 2, so the weapons were the pistol and the sword. You have to use the honor system here in that no humans can use the sword, and the predator can’t use anything but the sword. To make it fair because you could see the sword coming at you even if the Predator was cloaked, you could switch weapons but again, could only kill with the sword.

From the get go, you aren’t dropping the predator. A single pistol won’t do anything to him. However if he was attacked by a number of humans who brought his shields part of the way down, and you were on a ledge concentrating on him with two, you could take him out. Other ways were dual needlers and waiting for him to charge into you, or the desperation sticky/plasma grenade. Occasionally a sniper or rocket would take him out, but most of the time the Predator can shrug off the first rocket and kill the wielder before he gets the second off.

You could play Predator on any setting, however the larger maps are usually a pain since it is a lot more fun to be in confined areas where players usually get grouped together. We primarily played on Lockout and Foundation.

As for Halo 3, the change for Juggernaut was stronger. You could have Juggernaut weapon sets, change the speed, damage reduction, and cloak level. For Predator, make sure it is full cloak, make the speed faster depending on how you and your friends enjoy it, keep the predator at Sword and only sword, and give players Battle Rifles to start. Hitting the Predator with the hammer is funny because you don’t kill them, just knock them away so they can’t hurt anyone.

If you are into Juggernaut Mods, Predator was our first and our favorite. Although Infection was the variant of choice for Halo 3.


3 Responses to “Halo 3 Mod: Predator”

  1. how do i get mods

  2. You need to make a custom game.

  3. Fantastic blogpost, I didn’t thought this was going to be so cool when I saw the url!!

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