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Call of Duty 4 Online

I know, I’ve already done a COD4 Review, however this past weekend my gaming group got together two PS3s and two 50″ HD TVs for “clan” based combat in COD4. We went with the clan name of [B&], which you may need to be a /b/tard to understand.

We took turns switching on and off between the two systems and accounts, one in the 40s, the other in the 20s. We also spent time exploring the different Weapon/Perk combos, and arguing over which game type we would play on. Two of us wanted Hardcore, or as they liked to call it, CounterStrike-Mode, which has limited HUD, high damage, and much to our chagrin, friendly fire (we watched one match where our friend playing sprayed into an area only to have a team mate walk right into the line of fire. The following round he quickly knifed said friend.). My other friend and I preferred Ground War for our 9 on 9 Chaos. However, only on certain maps.

We all have different play styles, and of course the map does bring up certain kits. I created a class called Boom, which at first gave me an AK-47u, two RPGs, sonic boom, and martyrdom. This was primarily designed for blowing shit up, especially helicopters (when the rocket actually hits the damn thing. I remember firing at one right in front of me only to have the rocket go sailing off). This was altered to having the AK-47 with the grenade launcher attachment, because with sonic boom, you could kill two enemies if they clustered up. And luckily you could get a death from beyond kill if you couldn’t switch back to the gun fast enough and your grenade made them go boom.

My other class of choice was “Shot From Hip” which is the P90, 3X Regular Grenades, Steady Aim, and Penetration. While running around with this class, my friend remarked how he liked the fact that I never aimed in once. Which is true, I just ran around shooting with my high accuracy, and if not throwing grenade after grenade until I killed someone. However this only works on the smaller, more confined maps. Larger maps like Bog, forget it, you’ll be sniped before you even see an enemy (which is why my friends and I hate Bog).

Advice for people playing online:

-There will always be two types of campers – those that snipe, and those with the light machine guns. Snipers will usually go to some random corner of the map and just snipe people from afar until someone comes up and kills them because they can’t do anything else. The same is for the LMG campers. They will usually find some corner to hide in and drill you as you run by. These really require no skill or team effort, but if you like being a cheap talentless bitch, by all means do this.

-Your C4 can be fun; everyone’s C4 will kill you. On one map, half the team ran into a building, everyone laying C4 down because we knew the enemy would charge in. There were about 8 C4 mines places. Well, the enemy decided to throw a grenade in instead. The chain reaction of the C4 going off killed us all. I’ve yet to run back into that room. Also, make sure you angle the C4 right. Somehow, I have seen enemies run right past the laser because it was angled weird. This isn’t that common, but it still sucks when you see someone get you even though your back was “secure.”

-Its nice to be a lone wolf, but Group numbers will almost always pay off, especially groups of three. If you have the team work, have someone create a Juggernaut/Tank mode where they get extra health, and thus can suck up bullets. Have everyone else behind him shooting at the guy shooting the tank. Even if the enemy fires first, he’ll also drop. This constantly happened to me before I realized to get backup. Also, the three man task force works because on one occassion while capturing a point, I killed the first 2 guys running at me, but was so wounded that the third just had to sneeze on me and I died.

-Whatever your default grenade throwing button is, that is the button you use to throw the grenade back. On my settings, its R1, and it says R1 on the screen. Granted to throw a grenade back, you have to be right on top of the grenade, and you better pray the enemy didn’t cock it. When you see a grenade unless it instantly says Press R1, just run. Also, don’t be afraid to use your special grenade. No one uses it online. Granted it rarely does anything, but if you know a group of enemies is around, it can’t hurt if it is a stun or flashbang grenade. Smokes don’t really help, as most people will shoot you before you even leave the smoke. Only use smokes when capturing a point.

-Play around with weapons first. You may see everyone using the full auto Carbine, but the burst gun might be better for you. Again, don’t do what everyone else does unless you are as good as everyone else. Beware of lag as well. Too often I have seen knives hit air because of lag. Also, find out which maps you like. My friends and I all hate Bog because its a huge open map that turns into Sniper Alley. We would constantly spawn and die before we could even move. Don’t be afraid to vote to skip on maps you don’t like. Lastly, a lot of people use Martyrdom and Juggernaut as perks. If this is to your style of play, then have fun. If not, try others, and keep playing to unlock more. It may take time, but once you get those 3X grenades, they really can come in handy.

-Most of the people playing are obnoxious jackasses and there is nothing you can do about it. And I’m not referring to in-game practices. Many of them are skilled players. They just have their mics on and will constantly talk, scream, curse, bitch, or play music and sirens throughout the game. And they can get away with it because there is no option to boot someone from the game. So you can either mute the TV or deal with it. And if you want to be petty, you can do the same thing, because the mic picks up everything. So if you want to be a jerkoff too, go attach the mic to an alarm or a sleeping dog, or a loop of someone throwing up. I suggest you just ignore them and act a bit more mature than a 12 year-old. If it turns out your in your 20s and you do this and are somehow upset that I called you a 12 year-old virgin douche, its because you are, and you need to get over yourself and turn the mic off.

-When it comes to hosting a game, don’t; its a bitch. Also don’t be shocked when a game suddenly closes. It probably means the host was getting owned, and rather than being a man and taking it, he quit and ran. Also, sometimes a game will end and the lobby will close. This does not mean you were booted, because you can’t be. What it means is the host either got sick of hosting, or in the rare case that he actually has a life is off to do that. But if you’re reading this, you doubt that as much as I do.

-As stated before, the individual player hosts the game.  Thus they create their own server.  Some of these are cracked servers, either enabling people who haven’t “purchased” the game play, or have certain features (i.e. cheats) enabled.  If you noticed funny things going on, you might be on something like this.  Also, I do not have a list of cracked servers, sorry.

– Be cautious when it comes to clans. If you are in Ground War, and the other team is made up of 9 guys all with gold guns, chances are they will own you. Bad. But this is not always the case if your team is made up of talented players ranked above 10. Just play your best and if you get humiliated, quit when the game is over and find a new game. Don’t be someone who gets killed when he tries to run to his sniping spot and then cries because he can’t kill anyone.

Other than all that, remember, its a game, things will piss you off, but remember once the game is over, your anger should also be over. If not, take a break, step outside for a moment, and breath in the fresh air (or smoke a cigarette if you are inclined to do that). Or write about all the annoyances in a blog that people will one day read and go “hey, that pisses me off to0!”


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