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Halo 3 Mod: Whack-A-Mongoose

For those of you looking for more fun on Sandtrap, here is a game variant my friends and I tried and enjoyed the hell out of, however it really only works with a lot of people, so its best if you have a lan party going, or a group of easy going friends.

This game is an Infection type, with the zombies all equipped with hammers, moving as fast as possible, and with no shields or damage reduction. The zombies can dish out a lot of damage, can run around you fifty times, but if you hit them once, they’re dead. The game starts with 1, maybe 2 if there are a lot of people.

The idea is that the humans, armed with assault rifles, needs to double up on Mongooses (Mongeese?) and get the hell out of the starting area, because a zombie who knows the map will be there in about 5 seconds (many times playing this, we watched and heard in horror as slower players got killed before they even boarded their mongoose, to which the survivors said “Sucks to be you”). And from then its just running around the map trying to avoid the Hammers.

You can play with different vehicles (no flying, though), but none are fast enough to escape the Hammers. Warthogs will get swarmed and swatted away before the turret can even level on them. Choppers may splat and shoot a few, but someone will just smack you off the back. Of course there is always the option of grabbing a turret, getting on top of the Albatross and shooting anything that comes at you. But where’s the fun in that.

The real fun is group up the Mongooses so that one covers the front, and one covers the back, and you just run around and try to survive as long as you can. Chances are one Mongoose will get picked off, and then it becomes a game of out maneuvering the hammers. You can occasionally survive a hit from one hammer if you are lucky, but by the time you start moving again, that’s when the other hammers descend upon you.

Like all the infection modes, this is more a game about being the last one moving, and people who play for the fun with you. And the game can go by quickly if you play by that mindset. There will be cases where three people who play for the win will hide up in a lower hallway and can survive for a while due to the choke point that they cause. I suggest you tell your friends ahead of time “hey, this is a fun match, don’t be schmucks,” or you just organize and swarm.


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