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News: Game Stop/EB Sales

For those of you that aren’t aware, Game Stop/EB are currently trying to make room for the current generation of gaming systems (XBox 360, PS3, Wii), by placing all of the last generations games on sale in an attempt to phase them out. That means XBox and PS2 games are marked down and found in those center bins. For those of you looking for those last gen games you always wanted but didn’t feel like paying $40 for it even after its been out for 3 years, now your chance to get them for under $20. And in some cases less than $10. I picked up Republic Commando and 007 Nightfire for $20 together. There are a slew of other games I also want to pick up, but between beating those two games and my World of Warcrack account, and my vain attempts at writing television and movie scripts, I have plenty to do during those few hours each day I have before bed.

Look for a Games Revisited review of Republic Commando by next week, and with the Super Bowl come and gone (Fuck the Patriots; Welcome to Perfectville, Population 1 – the Miami Dolphins!) a post on the greatest sports game ever: Tecmo Bowl.

In other news, spent the weekend CODing it up. I discovered why everyone uses LMGs, when in a match I picked one up from a fallen comrade and ended up killing three enemies as they ran down the street. Also enjoyed my friends class of the p90, double tap, rapid reload, and bandoleer. Shoots faster, reloads faster, and never runs out of ammo. We use this on the hardcore setting where you don’t need much to kill an enemy. I also discovered that’s the only setting worth sniping on.

We watched and played a number of Turok and Devil May Cry previews and demos. Both come from a long series of games that may end up being Games Revisited-ed as well.

Later Days,



One Response to “News: Game Stop/EB Sales”

  1. Interesting. I may have to see what they have laying around for cheap.

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