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Games Revisited: Star Wars: Republic Commando

I have no problem admitting I’m a Star Wars Geek.  I’ve got T-shirts, Action Figures, and Movie Posters.  However there is one area that any video game fan should also be: that of the Star Wars Video Game Fan.  The series has been around for years, but we’ll skip the early polygonal Star Wars games and Super Star Wars games and reminisce briefly about the classic greats.  X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Shadows of the Empire, the Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series.  Hell even Rebel Assault.  These were all great games in of their own.  Then there was the second coming of Star Wars Games for the previous generation of consoles.  These were a wide range of games include some of my favorites like the Star Wars: Battlefront Series (which I should also review), and a number of others that were horrid games like Obi-Wan.  In between you have games like Star Wars: Republic Commando.

I originally remember playing the game on my friend’s modded XBox.  What I didn’t realize back then was that I basically beat the game then and shouldn’t have paid so much for it this time around.  But it was fun, and I wanted to see how long the game actually was.  Turns out, not long at all.

The game is based around a squad of four special clones.  These aren’t your typical drones all played and voice acted by Temuera Morrison (well, your character is); these are unique clones with different voices and personalities, and each with a unique focus, one prefers sniping, one prefers blowing things up, but they all can do whatever you tell them.  Also, the squad is called Delta Squad.  Where else have I heard the name Delta Squard.  Oh yeah, Gears of War used it. To all Video Game Producers reading this: There are more letters in the Greek Alphabet than Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Sigma and Omega.  Why not try Iota, Omicron, or Xi?

Anyways, the concept is you lead a group of similar clones that just so happen to be a better and tougher group of soldiers, Commandos if you will, that can handle more difficult situations, like shooting and blowing things up.  And you get to do so, according to the back of the box, across 8 different environments and 15 levels.  Wrong.  There are three fucking levels.  Geonosis, an Abandoned ship, and Kashyyyk.  Sure, each one is split into a number of sub levels, but you are in three different areas total.

Game play is typical First Person Shooter: You have a hud which lists your health, your cross hair, and three beacons corresponding to the health and in what direction you will find your squad mates.  Weapon ammo is listed on the weapon itself.  The only time this is an issue is with the Wookie missile launcher.  Controls are standard: move and aim, fire right trigger, grenade left trigger.  White changes you to night vision; Black changes grenades;  A is assign commands, like get your ass over here, or stop sniping there is nothing to snipe.  If there is a place area, you can assign a squad mate to that point.  These include Snipe, Anti-Armor, and Grenade positions, as well as hacking, placing bombs, healing, and reviving.  X is reload; Y is jump which serves no real purpose; B is melee which is the most cost effective way to get rid of most “grunt”-type enemies.

You start with the DC-117 Blaster rifle with a 50 round clip, 300 round mag.  Eventually these can be converted to a Sniper Rifle with up to 20 shots, and Anti-Armor 4 round gun.  You also have an unlimited ammo pistol which does weak damage.  There are a variety of weapons you can pick up from enemies.  These include the Geonosian “Flamethrower” (High damage, if the enemy stands still), the Trandoshan shotgun (good damage, no range, nice melee), Trandoshan SMG (fast rate of fire, low damage), the Light Machine Gun (heavy damage, huge magazine of up to 500 rounds, not the most accurate), and Wookie Rocket Launcher (which has a charge up that I still have no idea what it does).  The grenades are Thermal Detonators (good to hurt or kill a single target), Concussion Grenades (good for groups), Ion Grenades (takes out droids), and Flash Bangs (blinds you more often than the enemy).  And of course you have your trusty katarn vibroknife for melee, or shotgun bash, pistol whip, LMG thrust.  The knife is quick and easy.

Enemies come in primarily three types: Grunts, Soldiers, and Warriors.  Grunts are the standard Battle Droid, Scarab Droids Baby Geonosian or Trandoshan Slaver (the ones with the shotguns and knives).  Don’t waste ammo on them, a single melee attack will kill them.  in numbers they can hurt, but just charge and keep meleeing and you’ll take them out.  Similarly you have the Soldiers which correspond to slightly better at hurting you, but just as easy to kill.  These are the Trandoshan Mercenaries and Geonosian Warriors.  Again, single melee to kill them, but you will take damage.  Lastly you have the Warriors.  These guys are tough to take down, and will probably take one of your squad down first.  These include the Super Battle Droid, Destroyer Droid, Trandoshan Leaders (the ones with the LMG), and Geonosian Leaders (the ones with flame throwers).  It is best to concentrate all fire on these guys when you see them, although if you have time and ammo, a single RPG will take them out.  There are other enemies, which do not belong in this category.  These are spider droids and Grievous’ body guards.  They take a lot to take them out, and will probably take out 2 or 3 of your guys.

And with that the game is go to one area, kill the enemies, blow open a door, set up snipers, hack into something, repeat.  There are a few hidden jems (like when you find the lightsabre)  but for the most part the game is pretty repetitive and actually a lot shorter than I expected.  There are also a lot of goofs too, where trying to take cover a leaf will block your shots, or you will throw a grenade only to have it blow up in your face because of a low hanging pixel.

There was Multiplayer for the game, like all FPS’s, however as the game is much older, you will probably be hard pressed to find someone to play with.  I don’t know how well the multiplayer was, but I may go through it to see what the features include.  There is also a Special Features section, which I haven’t check out, but probably includes stock images and videos of them creating the game.

The ending also leaves on a cliffhanger and while there is a sequel, it is for cellphones, and I have yet to find any news about a sequel coming out for XBox 360.

While not my favorite Star Wars game on the XBox, this is a nice game if you want a weekend filler.  I would suggest renting it or buying it for less than $5.  I didn’t, and now I have a game which probably doesn’t have a lot of replay ability.


3 Responses to “Games Revisited: Star Wars: Republic Commando”

  1. I am a Star Wars geek as well. It has been over three years since the game came out and still no sequel for actual systems. I personally bought the game for PC and liked it immensely, even though, as you said, it was a bit short and repetitive but the environments, though few, were fun to play in. One of the main problems is on Kashyyyk, when you send Sev or Scorch to retrieve bacta at the second or third Trando Outpost, the run into a little wall and get stuck, so you have to load the last save and not let them heal. Fixer has no problem with the bacta there though. The extras content is, as you said the making of the game, credits, the video for the song that is played during the credits. The online multiplayer is not the best. Sometimes the games get so big in some small arena and you die almost right after you spawn. There are a few actual arenas that you saw during the game. Several of them are completely random such as arena A-17, which is on Kamino I believe, but has these strange anti-gravity jumps and weapons only reachable by said jumps. When you begin multiplayer there is the option to customize your commando OR your trandoshan, as you get to play as either. The commando customizations are pretty cool, but I have not tried the trando because I prefer the commando and if you choose to create a trando, then your customized commando is lost. In conclusion, i would give this game an 8.5 out of 10.

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