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Crossing the Thousand Mark

At the beginning of the week, the total views to this blog finally crossed 1,000. I’d like to thank all those CoD4 players who still don’t know how to throw a grenade, and all those Halo 3 players looking to mod their controller or cheat. Thank you so much of the traffic.

But really, I’d like to thank those of you who actually come here to read my content and have enjoyed and gotten something out of my reviews. As well as whoever is coming to this blog from Facebook. I don’t know who you are, but again, thank you for the traffic.

In other news I picked up Phantom Dust for the XBox for $5 at Game Stop on Monday. While I do not know much about this game, I have heard it has received cult status for the XBox, and I’m all about cult games (if you didn’t know my favorite series on the XBox is Otogi). My friend Scott said to look out for it, so he’ll probably be the first to play it when I bring it over to his house next weekend.

As for this weekend, I’m going up to see Van Halen and then touring around visiting old friends, so don’t expect a real update.

As for other news, I just finished reading “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.” You would have thought that being a sci-fi geek, and being raised on the glory that is Blade Runner, I would have read it sooner. I unfortunately did not. And in truth, the book is over hyped. While I liked many of the concepts, the story itself felt rushed; too many characters are introduced that don’t end up accomplishing anything, or the point of the movie, which is that in the end the android has more compassion for life than the human, does not exist in the book. I was let down, but now I can say I read it.

Still playing WoW. Aside from getting the mount and Zul’Farrak, I hate the 40s.


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