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Halo 3 Mod: Grifball

While this is a mod, this is actually an official mod released by Bungie, thanks in part to the guys at RedVSBlue.

To describe the game, I’m going to flash back to our youth, or for some of you, last summer.  At camp, we would play Capture the Flag, but we would do so differently.  The idea was there were two teams, each team had a half of the field, separated by a line of cones, and a goal zone designated by 4 cones.  At the start of the game, in the middle of the field on the line was the flag.  The idea was you had to get the flag and run it into your enemies zone.  The game also had an aspect of freeze tag in it, so that if you were in your enemies zone and you got tagged, you froze, until someone from your team ran into the zone to unfreeze you.  You would end up getting a lot of situations where either no one would cross the line, or as someone unfroze a teammate, they would get frozen, and a never ending cycle of freezing would take place.  Eventually someone would make it into the enemy base with the flag and score.

Grifball is just like this.  Set on Foundry, the map has no obstacles.  Its just a flat arena, which means there is no place to hide like a little bitch.  Teams start against their wall with the bomb in the middle.  Each side of the map has a target where if the bomb touches, it blows up (along with the bomb carrier).  Everyone is equipped with unlimited hammers and swords, at 10% health, and the ball carrier moves faster and has 150% overshields.

That’s the basics of the game.  What they don’t tell you is this is the easiest mode to get a Killionaire or higher on.  With a three second respawn time, I’ve seen friends run through an enemies spawn zone and just keep whacking away, slaughtering them.

Of course, the same goes for your teammates.  You will get betrayals, there is no way to avoid it.  You just need to make sure you are playing with teammates who understand this fact and don’t act like like cockbites when you kill them along with half the enemy team.   Unfortunately you have to remember most people who play games online are immature douches so just watch your back and if a teammate kills you on accident, ignore it.  If he kills you on purpose, well, kill the fucktard before he gets you.

For those that don’t know already, Grifball is named after the character of Grif from RedVSBlue, a series I suggest you check out, especially if you play Halo.


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