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While at work, looking for competitors to one of my clients, I stumbled upon a terrific little site called Gizmodo. Its funnier than my client, and well, is chock full of gadget news, and has some focus on Steampunk Legos and Transformer related paraphernalia, which I am always keen to and find myself craving constantly (I recently dumped out my Legos onto the floor in a vain attempt to see what pieces I still have to make Mecha).

While exploring Gizmodo, I discovered a blog and site that I’d like to draw your attention. Sarah Meyers, aside from being one of those hot internet geek girls we all wish we could meet in real life, is also the anchorwoman on Pop17, a video cast news site. If you have ever wanted to know the difference between a “niche celebrity” and a “micro celebrity” then check out the most recent video. I’m a bit curious as to how Sarah views herself, as she does have a Wikipedia profile, and as we all know that is the true sign of celebritus. Yes, I just made that up.

Between her news section and blog, I have realized that as an aspiring blogger and SEO that 1) New York has far cooler toy stores, 2) Miami sucks, 3) My friends and I need to get off our lazy butts and make our own video casts. We technically have access to high quality video filming and editing software, so I’ll see if I can cobble together a video review for some game in the near future.

Later Days,



2 Responses to “News: Gadgets and Geekery”

  1. omg I love you. “Celebritus” is dorky.

  2. Thanks for the love Sarah. And thanks for the tip on Etsy. You just helped me find a birthday gift for my friend.

    And is “celebritus” as dorky as “the light of code”?

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