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Movie Review: “Manos” The Hands of Fate

While at my friends’ house that I frequent on weekends to play video games, we sometimes set aside the rotting of our minds to completely and utterly remove sanity from ourselves by watching some of the oddest and worst movies known to man. These have included numerous early Peter Jackson films, and Forbidden Zone, a movie that makes one ask every 5 seconds “What the fuck?” And yes, I will write up a review for the Forbidden Zone shortly.

That of course is with the primary weekend group. My secondary weekend group has a penchant for also watching horrible movies, but through Mystery Science Theater 3000. On St. Patricks Day, we decided to get drunk and watch “Manos”The Hands of Fate, considered to be the worst movie ever made. Ever.

It was.

I’d like to review the plot, but there is no plot to review. As the host continually said when I had questions “Mike, stop trying to analyze the bad movie.” Basically there is a family, a satyr (which you wouldn’t know unless you did some research), an undead guy, and his 6 wives who fight, poorly, for a long time, for no real reason. Guns are fired, people and animals die, some teenagers get drunk and make out, and that’s the movie.

While you will be subjecting yourself to torture, if you enjoy cult films, or bad movie, this is a must see. Just make sure you are drunk an/or high before hand, and with a group of friends who are in the same state.

Addendum: After telling my primary weekend group about the horrendicity of Manos, that group decided to watch it too. I thank my brain for turning off and passing out early into the film. Also, I was under the influence of substances, which is what allowed me to sit down with that piece of garbage playing in the first place. I strongly recommend that you never watch Manos more than once in a year.

Addendum-er: I am a big fan of How I Met Your Mother.  More than just trying to find my own “girl with the yellow umbrella,” I relate a lot with the character of Ted Mosby.  Sure enough on this recent episode, Ted was having a discussion on the worst movie ever made.  His conclusion: Manos.  Thank you CBS for giving me insight into my hopeful future.  I really hope I sound like Bob Saget.


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  1. The New Millennium Theatre Company recently created & performed their musical “Manos: Rock Opera of Fate” in Chicago. Here is their website:

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