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Halo 3 Mod: Road Warrior

Due to the success of Whack-A-Mongoose, I thought I would post another Sandtrap Mod.  The complete title is Mad Max on Road Warrior, and you have to do some editing with the map.  The basic idea is this: this is a Team King of the Hill map, with the Hills moving randomly every 2 minutes, and all the Hills are located in the mine fields.  That’s right, not only do you have to defend the hills from your opponents, but you have to survive the mines as well.  The only way to get to the Hills and survive is vehicles, thus there are only fast vehicles on the map: Mongoose, Warthog, and each team has access to a Chopper.  Likewise weapons have been provided to deal with these vehicles: the only ones found on the map are Rocket Launchers and Missile Pods.

And the idea is simple: Take the Hills which move around, and the first team to 10 minutes wins.  And have fun firing rockets at the enemy vehicles.


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