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Game Leak: Gears of War 2

For those of you that don’t know, one of my pledge brothers who went to Full Sail landed a job at Epic Games last summer. After seeing my blog, he called me up the other day and told me about some new features and events about the upcoming Gears of War 2. I have to say, it sounds great from his preview, if a bit cliched in some regards, and only focuses on the single player gameplay. Here is what he told me.

We Need Air Support: You know all those nifty shots of Marcus and company in the Raven’s and not doing anything? Well that’s changed. Sorta like that level from Call of Duty 4, you will be able to man the troika turret on a level where you have to mow down Locust drones climbing up from a chasm as the helicopter flies by. He also told me of a new turret based weapon – a mortar launcher that you will use to attack a swarm of Corpsers and Brumaks assaulting the last human refuge.

You Can Call It Mowing: You think General Raam was a badass for carrying a Troika? Well, he isn’t the only one. A new squad command has your squad gather around a Troika, with one manning it, two squad mates on either side, the last behind you providing cover, while Jack slices the turret off its mount so you can carry it. Although this will leave it with limited ammo, my friend said you will need to do this in certain situations like hallways of death where wretches will just pour in from one end.

Upgrade Your Raam: Speaking of Raam, my friend said he will make an appearance in the second game. That is all he said. Maybe he’s running around with Lt. Kim’s arm?

Must Move Faster: You will finally get a chance to take on the Brumaks. But even more interesting is a mission to go into a locust nest where they are actually making the Brumaks. By making, he means breeding, and outfitting with the weaponry, in a pretty gritty scene. He said taking out the facility will be a tough level, and one where one stray bullet could lead to a warzone and the biggest firefight in gaming history. He also mentioned something along the lines of being able to use Brumak weapons against each other, but nothing more than that.

Is it a Spider?: You thought the Corpsers were creepy? You get to see their young in this game. My friend said you may not want to play in the dark on that level.

Oh God It Burns: New Grenade type. You know in Call of Duty 2 where you would attach those charges that melted right through the German artillery? Now imagine that on your enemies. This new sticky grenade can be used like the previous one: chuck it into locust holes to melt them before the come out; run up and stick them on to your enemies or if you lob the grenade right on your enemy, same thing – it sticks. My friend said a lot of people will get a kick out of sticking these new grenades to enemies and watching as the corrosive burn melts through him as he writhes in pain. Expect a lot of fun with head sticks.

Its All in the Reflexes: A new feature to help combat lobbed sticks – like the special reloading, if someone lobs a grenade at you, if you hit the left bumper at the right moment, your character will catch the grenade and throw it right back.

Get Outta My Head: Remember Anya from her 5 seconds of screen time and then become a typical disembodied female voice driving you along (Hello, Cortana). She will be in the game, and you’ll actually see her with a weapon.  Redemption for the female NPC.

Sacrifices Must Be Made: Someone will die! Yes, some Carmine clones will die, but someone big will die. He didn’t say who, but it will definitely make you go wow.

Thats all he told me about the game, other than the usual new levels, buried cities, etc. He didn’t give me any insight on who or what Myrrah is, but can you blame him? Well, I hope this has been as interesting to you as it has been for me. I can’t wait to pick this game up. And remember, the game isn’t over yet. He told me like the Brumak in the first game, some of these features may not be added in the final release, but to cross our fingers they are.


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  1. wow if this is real its pretty sick

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