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News: Controllers

As my title is “Fun with Controllers,” I thought I probably should post something dealing with, well, controllers. Luckily there has been an influx in news about controllers, which makes the situation a bit easier.

Nintendo’s New white GameCube Controller: I of course asked myself “Do they even still make the ShameCube?” Then I realized it is actually for all those people like me who enjoy playing Super Smash Bros. with the GameCube controller and not the WiiMote. Thank you, Nintendo, to giving in to our stubborn demands. Unfortunately, we are also cheap, and will just use our GameCube controllers instead of buying a white one to match our Wiis. In actuality, this is just another example of Nintendo trying to rake in profits from different color schemes, like they did with GameBoy Color and Nintendo64.

Playstation 3 Gets Rumble Controllers: My opinion – Its about damn time. Ever since Nintendo64, we have enjoyed our rumble packs. It gives a new sensation to gaming. First we had visual, then the feature of sound was added to games. But now, vibration! My controller shakes when something happens now? Awesome. In all honesty, this is what the PS3 needed. We’ve had rumble since PS1, and there was that lacking feeling in the controllers. I wanted it to shake when I got shot. Now it can. But at $55, it can wait. Hell, most games already come on the XBox 360, which has rumble, so I’m good until MGS4.

XBox360 Wiimote?: Yes, and while it will probably be a great addition to the XBox 360 in terms of bringing in new generations of gamers, from a Silver Age Gamer like myself, I think it is one of the stupidest ideas ever. I hate the Wiimote. When I play video games, I play them because I like playing video games. I don’t play video games because “I want the experience of swinging a sword around!” If I wanted that, I’d swing a fucking sword around and use my imagination like I did when I was at my friends house last weekend. Quite frankly, thumb pads and sticks are good enough for me. They have been for the past 20 years. Anyways, the Newton, as it is called, is just a preliminary sketch, and would suck if this is the actual design. Nevertheless, if this is the trend, be sure to see gimmicky XBox360 games in future, like Master Chief Sports!

If you may have noticed, all of the links go to Gizmodo, one of my favorite sites. And yes, this was on controller NEWS. Figure a post in the future on actually modded controllers.



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