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News: WoW TCG

For those of you that don’t know, I play CCGs/TCGs. I started with Magic: The Gathering back in 6th grade, fall out of it every few years, get back into it, repeat. I also have significant collections of Star Wars: CCG and Legend of the Five Rings (I also have some Pokemon cards; I thought they would be a good investment.). Recently however, I’ve gotten into the WoW TCG.

This makes sense for a number of reasons: 1) I like card games. 2) I like WoW. 3) I love wasting money on overpriced cardboard (I also have Star Trek cards). However, my friends and I got into the game for an ulterior motive. Loot cards.

For those of you unaware, every set of WoW TCG cards comes with 3 loot cards that are redeemable in game. Some, like the mounts, are worth hundreds or thousands of dollars on eBay (which would reset all the collective money lost on cards… maybe). Others, like the pet biscuit my friend Ricky (he’s pulled two so far), you couldn’t sell if you wanted, and are merely cosmetic. But for all those klunkers, there are some diamonds in the rough, and I actually got one the other day.

As I play on a PVP server, my friends and I enjoy griefing. Hey, its not our fault you rolled Alliance. But we don’t just kill and spit. No, we like to add salt onto the wound. In the past, my friends would build a campfire, and drop a Vargoth. Now, we can do that, and drop a picnic umbrella with barbeque. That’s right, I got the loot card. Next, we are going to try to get the fishing chair to complete our grief set. Yes, we are assholes.


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