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News: Mobile Sites

Wap and mobile (.mobi) sites, for those of you unaware of what these are, are sites designed to be viewed on mobile devices, such as cell phones. That doesn’t mean you can’t view them with a regular browser, they just appear stretched as you can’t fit a lot into a 2 inch screen.

There are some decent mobile sites out there, and I’d like to share some focus on them.

WammaJam: A Mobile Directory, WammaJam is short and to the point. With concise text on each page, it focuses on what you want to see without having to scroll around.

321Quick: Another Mobile Directory, this is on the opposite side of the spectrum. All the information is on the one page, so if you are a master of the ctrl+f on a cell phone, this will work.

ThumbPlay Mobile: Ringtones, movies, and games for your cell phone. Would I pay for any of this? No. But I also don’t pay for MP3s. If you are the type that buys cellphone realtones, this is your best stop, as ThumbPlay actually gets contracts with certain artists.

The fact of the matter is this: I have a cellphone that was old when I got it 4 years ago. It has no camera or web browser. I like this fact as it allows me to do what I need from a cellphone – make calls, send text messages, and tell me what is the time. That’s all I need. But if you are one of those with a mobile phone that has the technology to support these items, by all means have fun.



One Response to “News: Mobile Sites”

  1. has a pretty good wap site too if you want to pay for your ringtones. Basic but easy to navigate.

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