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News: The 31 Days of the Dragon

Quick: what’s 20.1 inches wide and ways over 15 pounds? If you said my dog, close. If you said a part of the male anatomy, no, you sick fuck.

The answer is the HP HDX Dragon Entertainment Notebook, or this thing :HP DHX Dragon

Wow, behold my first image on this blog. Sad.

Anyways, what’s not sad is that HP is giving away 31 of these beasts over the month of May on 31 different websites. And if you know your math, that means 31 chances to win. 31 Days of the Dragon has a full list of the websites and when they will be participating.

For those of you still curious, the thing is basically a semi-mobile entertainment platform: it plays TV, it plays HD DVDs (well there had to be one flaw), it is a gaming beast. Oh, and it comes with movies and games too. You bet your ass I will be participating in this. I need a new machine. My current laptop is an e-machine that originally had 40 GB (now down to 5), and I can’t even go to certain areas in WoW (shattrath) because my computer freezes up. I want one of these.



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