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News: I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong

I haven’t posted in a while. I may do my review on Indiana Jones (I didn’t hate it!), or some of my misadventures at lvl 70 (I got my first epic item!), but there was something more important to post today.

Kotaku released a video from LoadingReadyRun, which is also featured on Game Revolution, about an interview the infamous Uwe Boll.

I will continue to admit, I am not a fan of his movies. As it turns out, he knows his movies aren’t cinematic gold either. I suggest watching this interview. The man is not an idiot, and I have garnished a lot of respect for the man after this look into his mind. While I will still remain cautious of his movies, again, I see Mr. Boll in a new light. What we learn is that the man has to self promote his movies, which he succeeds at, and he has also succeeded his goal in life: making movies. His critiques on major blockbusters and Michael Bay are accurate views.

I will also say this: Uwe Boll is a necessary evil. My friend Evan always talks about how Thusla Doom is his greatest admiration, because Doom created the hero. I feel Mr. Boll and Mr. Doom are one in the same. Because of the works of Uwe Boll, one day we will have a man or woman who comes forward with the vision of a video game based movie, and it will blow our minds in awesomeness. It will revolutionize the both industries and shine a light on this oft blasted genre. And I know, when that individual comes forward to deliver his or her victory speech, Uwe will be mentioned as the reason such a great movie was created.

I would like to apologize to Mr. Boll, like many are after seeing this video. You are an evil genius, but a success at life that all who critique you are truly jealous of. And if you don’t believe me, ask yourself when the last time you were paid millions to create a steaming pile of drek was, and how many follow up offers you received.



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