Video Game Reviews and Mods – Fun with Controllers!
Game Reviews and Things to do During Down Time

What is it?

Fun With Controllers is written by a college graduate working in the SEO industry who finds himself venturing to a friend’s house due to the multiple PS3s, XBox 360s, and over 50″ HD tvs, as well as a collection of DVDs that puts Blockbuster to shame. This blog was created to post reviews on the subjects of video games and assorted geekery.
All stories are true, all opinions that of the owner (unless someone wishes to pay me), and all done at work.

Currently the writer also plays WoW on the Boulderfist server because he is not a “care bear.” He also is painting an Ork army for WH40k.

To contact the writer, please email him at FunWithControllers [at]  Spam will be deleted, Hate Mail will be mocked, Advertising Information will be greeted enthusiastically.

This section’s title is in reference to a Faith No More song.


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