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News: is down

June 6, 2008

For those of you not aware, currently, at 2:20 pm est,, great book and merchandise site that I usually buy all my holiday gifts from is down.  Want proof?  Either go there, or enjoy this pretty image. Let’s be honest, a lot of people are getting fired over this right as we speak.  And […]

News: Controllers

April 10, 2008

As my title is “Fun with Controllers,” I thought I probably should post something dealing with, well, controllers. Luckily there has been an influx in news about controllers, which makes the situation a bit easier. Nintendo’s New white GameCube Controller: I of course asked myself “Do they even still make the ShameCube?” Then I realized […]

News: Gadgets and Geekery

March 19, 2008

While at work, looking for competitors to one of my clients, I stumbled upon a terrific little site called Gizmodo. Its funnier than my client, and well, is chock full of gadget news, and has some focus on Steampunk Legos and Transformer related paraphernalia, which I am always keen to and find myself craving constantly […]